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Whizzard Services

Our obligation is to you, our clients. 

Whizzard Services is a South Australian owned

and operated organisation. Our team offers professional and caring services and supports in suburbs across Adelaide.

Our team would love to assist you. 

Support group
You Will Do Big Things

Whizzard Services

Striving to Meet Our Clients Needs

I love coming home to a beautiful clean house. It's the best feeling.

Thank you for your support.


My Support Worker listens to me when I want to do things I enjoy. We have lots of fun. We go to the park and play. 

Sometimes we go bowling. I like bowling. 


Today we went to my favourite shop and looked at games. I wanted to stay so my worker let me stay for a long time. 

Then we went for a walk. 


I use the cleaning services when I need. The communication is great and fast. It's always sorted and booked in quickly. The cleaners are great. 

Last time I used the service was for selling my home. Two cleaners came and whizzed through in great time. So friendly as well. Thanks. Haili

If I need to change days or times to my weekly cleaning service, Whizzard Services works it out and arrive when I need. Scott

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